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lør. 15. feb.


Hos Norup

KISS in Copenhagen vol. 1 | Mastering the art of sensual kissing


KISS in Copenhagen vol. 1 |  Mastering the art of sensual kissing
KISS in Copenhagen vol. 1 |  Mastering the art of sensual kissing

Tid og sted

15. feb. 2025, 16.45 – 20.00

Hos Norup, Roskildevej 46, 2000 Frederiksberg, Danmark

Om eventet

Dear English-speaking kissing enthusiasts, this event will be conducted in English.

This event is for those who love to kiss. You are probably already great at kissing, and I promise that you will expand your repertoire even more and kiss in new ways you haven't tried before. It will be spiced up with scientific facts, and you will connect on multiple levels – not just with kisses; presence is many things.

Maybe you have kissed a lot in the past, but the intense, playful kisses have faded into the background in a busy everyday life. Do you wish for a wonderful and fun time together, where you feel a sense of togetherness, playfulness, and lightheartedness between you? 

If you are interested in an exciting experience with a fine balance of facts, theory, and loving exercises with each other - then KISS - Mastering the art of sensual kissing is definitely for you!

Regardless of what sparked your curiosity, read more here.

You are invited to this wonderful event where you and your favorite kissing partner can participate in a lively and varied session in the name of the KISS. You will embark on a journey together, so you can have a profound, fun, and connecting experience with your partner.

All the previous attendees have felt very safe, and you will be tucked in your own special bubble so you can kiss by yourselves through loving guidance.

Who signs up? Previously, there have been married couples, lovers, friends, people on their first date, and acquaintances who didn't have a partner but felt drawn to this event. Your age, gender, sexual orientation, and relationship status are irrelevant – just make sure it's someone you want to kiss and connect with in various ways during this session.

Where: At Norup Roskildevej 46 2000 Frederiksberg

The entrance is on the side of the building at the parking lot. 

The price is 650 DKK per couple for an evening on Cloud Nine - so you buy 1 ticket and that is valid for two people. You can also buy a gift card if you wish.

Terms and conditions are equivalent to buying a concert ticket; the registration is binding. This means that if you are unable to attend for any reason, you can give or sell your tickets to another couple who can come instead. This way, others can benefit from your spot, and it doesn't go to waste. Money will not be refunded.

Facts! Did you know:

  • The origin of the word KISS is the Old English "coss," which was an onomatopoeic word.
  • We can recreate some of the feelings of being in love by keeping playful, exciting, juicy kisses alive, as we also release the love hormone serotonin when we kiss.
  • Kissing lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol and has a relaxing effect on us.
  • The first time a kiss was shown in a film was in 1896, and the kiss lasted 47 seconds.
  • The extra saliva breaks down plaque and increases mineral salts in the saliva that protect tooth enamel. So when you kiss your partner, you get better oral health, healthier teeth, and gums.
  • We have been kissing for millennia, and the earliest kiss-related findings are 3,500-year-old Indian texts in Sanskrit.
  • An American study shows that over half of men and two-thirds of women have ended a relationship because the partner was a bad kisser. You may recognize this from past experiences.
  • Your lips are much more sensitive than your fingertips. That's why kissing feels so good.
  • Besides burning up to twice as many calories per minute while kissing, kisses can activate up to 30 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles.
  • Kissing also helps smooth lines and wrinkles and tightens the muscles in the neck and jaw. The sought-after glow can also be achieved because kissing increases circulation in your face.

Here are some recommendations:

"A huge thank you for a fantastic Kissing workshop in Odense. It was a magical evening with beautiful music, colors, candles, and lovely, long, tantalizing kisses, touch, and closeness... We felt throughout the evening as if we were in our own bubble without being disturbed by others.

You have created a fantastic space with room and respect for everyone, and you took us on a beautiful journey that we will remember and be inspired by for a long time. We highly recommend the workshop to everyone – whether you are just starting a relationship or have been together for many years. Hugs Joanna and Lars"


"A really cozy event and Lisa is just so wonderful and warm. We kiss a lot in our daily lives, but it was still so nice to experience the magic that arose when you immersed yourself in each other for 3 hours. I would recommend all couples to try it." Alexandra


"Everything from the thorough and detailed information that welcomed us to the way Lisa structured the exercises was well thought out. As a sociologist, I am interested in rituals and how to create spaces for specific experiences – and it is clear that Lisa is interested in the same. But to this professionalism, she adds a large portion of emotional energy, so you can clearly feel her commitment to giving us an important experience of closeness with each other. Thank you for that! Greetings from us who have been kissing for 22 years but have now learned new ways to kiss"  Lina


"A safe and competent space where we got the opportunity to play with intimacy and kissing in a fine, playful, and safe way. A workshop for couples of all ages." Best regards, Anders and Heidi


"I loved participating in the KISS workshop. I had been anxious about whether I could be open in my heart and feel connected enough to feel safe to kiss, as my partner was new. Step by step, from presence to even closer intimacy until the kiss "finally" took place. By then, I was craving that kiss. I felt connected, warm, and so trusting. Fully present, I devoured the whole experience raw. KISS can be recommended to everyone. Friends, newly in love, first dates, married couples, young and old, everyone who can imagine a magical evening with lots of presence and intimacy". Laila


"It was a truly beautiful experience to be guided through an evening with KISS. I came with my new tantra partner and had no expectations for the workshop. I just thought it sounded fun and got curious when she invited me. We didn't really know each other and hadn't really kissed before.

It was very special to be guided through our first real kiss. Feeling the connection between our souls and building the energy between us...

We sat across from each other on the mat, and it felt like our own little intimate space... Lisa's gentle voice guided us in the background... The tones of the music vibrated around us, and I barely noticed the other people in the room. We were in our very own little bubble. The playful kisses... The gentle kisses... The intense kisses... The attentive kisses... The creative kisses... The wild kisses... The growing desire... 

The disappearing time... We just wanted to stay in our little love bubble and continue endlessly." Adam


"Intense, present, educational, lustful, and fun. A little surprised at what guidance can give to an otherwise already kiss-filled marriage". Best regards, Søren


  • KISS in Copenhagen vol. 1

    Salget slutter: 14. feb. 2025, 14.00
    650,00 kr.
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