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ons. 25. okt.



KYS vol. 2 **UDSOLGT**

KYS vol. 2 **UDSOLGT**
KYS vol. 2 **UDSOLGT**

Tid og sted

25. okt. 2023, 18.45 – 22.00

København, Wildersgade 55, 1408 København, Danmark


Om eventet

I have created KYS vol. 2, which is a completely different workshop from KYS vol. 1.

This time you are taken on a life journey with the kiss as the anchor and read thread. It is lively, funny, wondrous, touching, playful and delicious. You will definitely kiss in new ways and get inspired. You don't need to have participated in KYS vol. 1 to come along and enjoy this new connecting journey for kissing enthusiasts. But it is important that you bring your own kissing partner.

This event is for those of you who think it is great to kiss.

You are probably already great at kissing and I promise you will expand your repertoire even more and kiss in new ways you have not tried before. Perhaps you have kissed quite a bit in the past, but the intense, playful kisses have faded into the background in a busy everyday life.

Do you want to spend a wonderful and fun time together, where you feel togetherness, playfulness and lightness between the two of you? Are you interested in new inspiration and being lovingly guided to experience a moment of presence and intimacy?

Then KYS vol. 2 is definitely for you!

Who registers? In the past, there have been married couples, boyfriends, lovers, girlfriends, people on their first date and acquaintances who didn't have a partner but found this event pulling them. Your age, gender, sexual orientation and relationship are secondary - make sure it is someone you want to kiss and be close to.

A break will be provided, where you can rest your ears and lips and taste different little treats, since we are in the process of stimulating the oral senses.


It costs DKK 650 per couple, to be transfered via Mobilepay to 777791 AND please write your names and phone number in the subject to get a confirmation.

Arrival is a quarter of an hour before we start, so everyone can land quietly and the door will be opened exactly a quarter of an hour before, so we can make it ULTRA cozy for you at our location.

With love,

Lisa Lawrie


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