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Hi, I'm Lisa

Passionate Sexologist, Relationship Therapist & Heart Warrior

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About Us
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My name is Lisa Lawrie and I work with love and awareness.


I believe that increased awareness will help you make wise and self-loving choices so that you live a more authentic life, where you are honest with yourself and the people around you.


At the same time, you will be more able to remove any blockages for the free flow of love and you get the life you wish for.

With my background as a certified Sexologist and Relationship Therapist, we can investigate what is holding you back from living out your full potential. 

We examine the relationship with yourself in order to understand how you relate to other people. Together we focus on development, unproductive patterns, stuck beliefs, strategies and reactions and replace them with awareness training, so you become authentic about your needs, feelings, thoughts and have the courage to make possible changes.

"It is my intention to create self-understanding, insight, healing and acceptance in the name of self-love."
About Us
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I have an extensive tool belt from training and courses over the past 10 years.


I use the tools, which I have learned on order to benefit each individual person. It will be conversation, bodily integration and release of energy, knowledge sharing and how to get more in touch with your heart.

If your themes are about sexuality, we dive deep into how you relate to your sexuality and your sexual behavior with others. We create awareness, balance, work with themes i.e. shame, guilt and past experiences and replace it with the ability to enjoy freely, and to be free in your body. Maybe you need a place to obtain sexual inspiration, express the deepest fantasies, the darkest corners of your sexuality and bring them into the light. Our sexuality is a natural and strong life force and when we suppress it, we loose the power and spirit of life.

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Relevant bio 

2023: Course in Regression Therapy

2023: Facilitator Sexsibility, Ängsbacka in Swede

2023: Creation of KISS and TANTRA cards 

2023: Facilitator Tantric Joy Festival i Amsterdam

2023: Creation of KINK and Sustainable Love | National events

2022-2023: Spiritual Therapist education at, 1 year 

2022: Podcasts with Joan Ørting,, Mandefald, Forbundet as well as Diagnosticeret Spirituel with Bjørn Morel - find it on Spotify

2022: Creation of Kærlighedsværkstedet, a podcast series at Radio Diablo with Danny Fobian

2022: Supervisor at Joan Ørting for Sexologist students and Relationship Therapist students

2022: Co-creation and facilitation of Womenhood, longer processes for womens groups

2021: Creation of KYS and KÆL | National events2021: Co-creation of BEVIDST and facilitator at workshops and retreats

2021-present: Teacher at Copenhagen Sexologist School by Joan Ørting

2021: Dearmouring course by Sunny Ju

2020: Co-creation and facilitator of Sacred Space

2020-2021: Couples Therapist training by Joan Ørting

2018-2020: Sexologist training by Joan Ørting

2018: Seeds of Transformation by Sasha Cobra | Energy work

2018:  Shamanic Basic Course 

2018: ISTA (International School of Temple Arts | Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience)

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2020: Facilitating girls groups in Copenhagen, where I taught boundary setting, authenticity training, consent, healthy sexuality and much more. The girls were between 14 and 20 years old. 


2019-2020: at Reden International (NGO where they work with foreign women in prostitution with a special focus on women who are or may be victims of human trafficking).


2018-2019: at Sex og Samfund (NGO with focus on everyone's right to be who they want to be. They are critical of norms and break taboos among young people by providing information about sex, body and gender).

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Member of Danish Sexologist association anno 2006.

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If you have any questions or wish to discuss any considerations with me please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp by mobile +45 40132598, E-mail:
or use the following contact form...

Thank you for your inquiry!
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lots of love - 
Lisa Lawrie 

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