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W O R K S H O P S on hold

Are you longing for a wonderful and fun evening,
where you feel connected, playful and close to each other?


And are you interested in an exciting experience where you will experience a good balance between facts, theory and practical exercises with each other?
Come and join me in one of my workshops which are all designed to enhance the love light in people's eyes.


Workshops takes place either in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg or where else I am situated in the world. 


A really cosy event and Lisa is just so wonderful and warm. 
We really kiss a lot in our everyday life, but still it was absolutely amazing to feel

the magic of giving ones attention to each other for full 3 hours. 
I will recommend any couple to try it.


Do you wish to have a wonderful time together,

where you feel cohesion and depth between the two of you?

The workshop BÆREDYGTIG KÆRLIGHED (sustainable love) is designed for couples in a love relationship who really want self-development, co-development and dismantling of old patterns that do not serve the relationship.

There will be an interaction between theory and practical exercises and it is about immersing yourself with your own partner and directing the energy inwards in the relationship and all exercises are with your own partner. The workshop is all about how the two of you connect in a loving way and open (perhaps re-open) your hearts to each other.

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