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When does it make sense to have a conversation with a therapist like me?

Only you know, but maybe it is when you want to take a look inward, to develop yourself so that you can live the authentic life you deserve.

I can support your self-development so that you can learn more about yourself and master your relationships even better.

With this, I invite you into a safe space where all topics are allowed to be addressed. Here there is space to be comfortable and honest with yourself and someone else who really sees, hears and meets you exactly where you are in this moment.

After all, self-development is many things and the themes can change completely, depending on what you have in mind.


Maybe you can recognize some of the things below…

What are your themes?

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Your self-esteem is low and your inner critic is constantly telling you everything you could do better.

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There can be many reasons for low self-esteem and it affects how we are in the world towards ourselves and in all other relationships. We dive into this together, so that you gradually strengthen your self-concept, your abilities and learn to make self-loving decisions and choices that benefit you.

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It is difficult for you to speak up and you do not feel you are heard or taken seriously when you try. You often experience your boundaries being crossed in several ways.

We practice you setting boundaries - both focusing on theory and practical exercises. You will gain far greater skills in feeling when something crosses your line and act faster so you speak up in time. You learn the difference between when others cross your limits, when you do it yourself and what the difference is between limits and limitations. You will become more clear and find that people take you seriously when you speak up. Then they also know that your YES THANKS is genuine and that you act honestly and authentically towards yourself and others. That is safe for everyone.

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You find it difficult to express your needs in an honest and clear way because you are afraid of being rejected. Maybe you wish you could be authentic and learn to say how you really feel. You have been or are a pleaser and will often give too much of yourself. Others are happy, but you are drained from energy.

I teach you to feel and know your needs and values. With that as a foundation, you practice to speak up and express yourself authentically, your wants, desires and to look at the unhealthy consequences of too much consideration that may have previously strained sabotaged your ability to stand by who you are. You will become more authentic and honest.

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Do you suppress anger?

Anger is an emotion that many of us have repressed because it was shamed in childhood. If you did not learn to befriend it then, this can easily be achieved now and there is enormous strength in dealing with it in a useful way and seeing it as the guide it is.

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Maybe you wish to have a partner,but have previous experiences that it is difficult for you to be in a relationship or that you have difficulty finding the right partner for you.

If you would like to have a partner, we examine what the right partner would be for you and look at the blocks and challenges that hold you back. We talk into the single life vs. relationship and find out where and how it is most obvious for you to find the right one in relation to where you are in your life at the moment.

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Maybe your sex life has come to a standstill or you feel no spontaneous desire anymore. You want sexual inspiration and good ideas.

We investigate why you don't feel the desire and help you start your sex life again, if you are inclined to do so. What does desire really mean to you and what is pleasure? What does it take to awaken it in you? Is there something preventing you from enjoying freely and shamelessly? Or have you actually experienced betrayal from your partner that makes you no longer feel you can open up and indulge?

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Perhaps you experience jealousy and that love is fading and is hard on you and those around you.

Many feelings can be hidden under jealousy and it can be triggered by different things. We welcome it because it comes to tell you something. So we dive into it, find the cause, your patterns, trigger points and work with it therapeutically so that you don't feel so burdened by it and know what you can do when you are overwhelmed by it.

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You have some sexual fantasies that you would like to discuss in a safe space without judgment. Perhaps you would like to realize them and would like to own your sexuality a little more.

I have yet to meet a person who could affront me and you probably can't either. I invite you in all confidence to talk openly about sexual preferences, kinks and fetishes and perhaps desires and fantasies that visit you and insistently calls for your attention.

I have also helped with challenges regarding ...

- changing or failing erections, infidelity, mistrust, feeling rejected, body shame, how to deal with sexual challenges, porn addiction or understanding your partner and your dynamics better.

I can also introduce you to tantra, increased body awareness, the energetic field between people and much more.

Everybody has a story and something interesting to share.

I would love to hear what is on your mind.

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