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You are invited to join Womanhood.

It is a course where we meet 3 times and Womanhood is held continuously.

You are invited to join the group, which includes self-development, community and sisterhood. 

Dear Woman,

This is for you who ...

❤ May have lost touch with yourself along the way and want to nurture yourself, replenish, and do something truly beneficial for yourself to enhance your life.


❤ Long for deep sisterhood connections with like-minded women, where we uplift, support, and benefit each other. We create a community, where we can share life experiences and our own journey in a safe space during the program.


❤ Have an interest in increasing awareness of your way of being in the world, helping you make wise and self-loving choices. The result is a more authentic life, where you are honest with yourself and your surroundings, which help taking care of yourself and others.


You will leave every session with a sense of fulfillment and positive energy, thanks to the balanced blend of theory and practical exercises.

We are sure you will be inspired and expand your boundaries and limitations so that you can get more in touch with the favorite life that YOU will be most comfortable with. During the course, it becomes clear to you how you feel your innermost longings, wishes and dreams and how you get closer to yourself and the life you were actually created for, but perhaps you lost yourself along the way.

If you are in doubt as to whether the women's group is for you, I would very much like to offer you a conversation via zoom or on the phone, so that we can assess whether there is a match with your needs and what we offer.

We would love to have you join when future courses are starting up 

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