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Do you miss a safe space for therapy?

I offer ...

* Individual therapy *

* Couples therapy *

* Introduction to tantra *

* 3 different types of body therapy *

Sessions can take place whereever I am situated, reach out if you feel a calling. 
Prices and more details below... 


Talk therapy

Individual therapy

60 minutes duration: 800 kr. 

90 minutes duration: 1.100 kr. 

Couples therapy

90 minutes duration: 1.400 kr.  

Introduction to tantra

Would you like to learn something about tantra and explore this wonderful world? This session is a complex mix of theory and heart-opening practical exercises where you will feel a great connection on many levels. It's not sexual and takes place with your clothes on.

90 minutes duration: 1.200 kr.

Body therapy

Conscious touch

This is for you!

A gentle and sensual massage with healing. When you receive conscious touch, you can feel how you are being touched in a much deeper way than just on the skin. Conscious touch is given in a loving and present way and is one of the most nourishing things for people. My touch is channeled directly from the heart and can open the field to many emotions. In addition to pleasure, you may experience increased energy, a better connection to your emotions and a greater sensuality.


Note: It is not a tantra massage. If this is your need, I can refer you to a skilled, trained Tantra Massage Therapist.

90 minutes duration: 1.200 kr.

Conscious Cuddling 1:1 (Touch/Cuddle Therapy)

For you who long to be close, longing for cuddles and an oxytocin boost!

It is suitable for all age groups and genders, regardless of whether you feel healthy and well or suffer from depression, grief or experience loneliness. Caring touch has a calming effect on the human organism, especially in difficult emotional phases. 


It takes place with your clothes on and there is no sexual contact between Therapist and Client and the session is interrupted, if the client makes sexual approaches. It is crucial that the session feels safe and consensual for both parties and different hugging positions, what is valued and what may be avoided. The relevant focus for the session is clarified at the beginning of the session. 

Is there a need for Inner Child Healing?

Is it to have someone to lean on to with confidence and be held and supported? 

Is it a desire for physical contact to be nourished and relaxed in your body? 

90 minutes duration: 1.200 kr.


De-arming is a form of treatment that can dissolve tension and the shield we have put on from past experiences. These memories are stored in our physical body, our emotional body and our energetic body. The idea of a de-armouring is to release the stagnated energy, so that there is more room for all that is enjoyable and something new can flourish and have room when the breastplate is lifted off.


My aim is to diminish your protection shield. Maybe there was a time when you were hurt and made a decision to close your heart so it wouldn't happen again. Either towards a specific person or to shield you in general to protect yourself when the feelings have been too difficult to be with. Maybe you experience numbness and cannot feel very much in your body or your emotional life and find it difficult to access deep intimacy and love. Maybe there is a longing inside you where you want to feel more love flowing freely, enjoyment, surrender to all the feelings you have as a human being, that is usually hidden away.  


In this body treatment we go on a journey together and we don't know what is going to happen. I create the safe container for you, and we will not move on until you feel met and safe. I am your anchor in the present and we are both investigating what lies beneath and preventing you from living and/or loving fully. We never know what comes up for you - anything from anger, crying, bursts of laughter, pleasure, sadness, joy, playfulness and I can be with you in all the emotions that may come up inside you. 


90 minutes duration: 1.200 kr.


Payment by the end of a session via MobilePay to 777791, VisaDankort, Mastercard, American Express and Diners or cash.

You can also transfer to my bank account before the first session: 

Registration number 6510 and account number 3062816057  

Foreign bank transfer : IBANnr. DK89 6510 3062 8160 57 


CVR number 41547758

All prices are Danish currencies incl. VAT.

Unfortunately, no subsidy is provided for treatments via health insurance, doctor's referral, etc. in my practice.


If you need to change or cancel your appointment, it must be done by email no later than 48 hours before our appointment. In case of later cancellation or no-show, the full price for the session will be paid. Of course, this does not apply to acute illness, but it should be reported as soon as possible on phone +45 40132598.

Gift card

It is possible to buy a gift card if you would like to give the course, session or workshop as a giftWrite to 

It is personal and can be given as a gift, but cannot be redeemed for cash.

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